As a global company, we value our role as a conscientious citizen, one that improves health and promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Giovanni Caforio, M.D., Chief Executive Officer


we are not just focused on bringing transformative medicines to patients facing serious diseases, we are also concerned with the health of our employees, our communities and our planet. We are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint through a wide variety of programs that encompass the thoughtful construction of manufacturing plants and office buildings, the packaging of products and the ecology of the sites where we work. We are guided by our Sustainability Goals, measuring our progress and renewing these every five years. The goals help us strengthen our fundamental business and support our position as a sustainability leader.

Our colleagues are encouraged to help improve the company and their personal environmental impact through events such as Earth Day celebrations or by taking part in gardening, tree planting and beach or park clean-up in their communities.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability


Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

The Impact of Green Energy

Green Energy

The Impact of Green Energy

high value found in small changes

Energy Treasure Hunt

High value found in small changes

Hopewell Facility

Wastewater Solutions

A new direction for water waste

Our Environmental Accomplishments

green car

Green Fleet

carbon output of our fleets by
3% (243,000 pounds)
indicating our
to environmental sustainability

green adn

Green chemistry

leveraging measurement
and prediction to
improve process design

Optimized our in-house greenness tracker to assess all post- First-in-Human deliveries.

Created a process efficiency prediction tool to improve decision making and outcomes in green route design

blue house

a 729KW
solar photovoltaic
project at the Lawrence
nj-princeton pike site
which is equivalent to
powering 88 homes