Improving lives. It’s part of our mission to develop and deliver transformational medicines that help people prevail over the most serious diseases. But our responsibility doesn’t end there. Important as our mission may be, our responsibility begins with service to patients but goes much further. We must also serve the communities where we live and work.

We can’t succeed in our goals alone. Our achievements are only as successful as our partnerships and the sustainability of our practices – in our environmental footprint, in our communities and in the health care systems through which our medicines are delivered. This report shares a look at the programs and partnerships we foster to support our approach. Knowing the significant needs for better health care, we are committed to helping people gain access to treatment. Through the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital and government officials in southern and east Africa, we launched the most comprehensive health care system for pediatric cancer patients in Africa.

Our people are critical to our success. Our commitment to doing good in our communities is reflected in the work of our 24,000 employees. Their commitment goes beyond our patients to our communities, where they donate their skills, knowledge, abilities and money to causes they care about.

From supporting our employees in Puerto Rico after one of the worst natural disasters in the island’s history to building sustainable gardens at our offices across the globe, this report is a testament to the work we do every day to carry out our mission and to remain steadfast in our commitment to corporate citizenship.

The world is changing, and our challenges are changing with it. Our commitment to being a good global citizen compels us to take action to ensure our work has a positive impact. The stories in this report are just a few examples of the work we do every day to carry out our mission in the face of larger issues happening in communities around the world, ranging from health care needs to reducing our carbon footprint to the principles that guide us in our work.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility and being a good global citizen is a commitment to our patients. I am confident that our company has the right people and strategy to tackle these challenges, both in our business and in the work we do as a global citizen.

Giovanni Caforio, M.D.